Friday, 15 January 2010

Magazines smell amazing!

As part of a lecture we had, we had to look at our favourite magazines: looking at the type of photography that's used in the magazines, looking at layout and styling ideas. Now if I had to mention every one of my favourite magazines I would be here for a long while, so i've decided to look at one of my favourite contemporary fashion magazines and a more commercial magazine that I like to look at for up and coming trends and high street buys.


To me reading a magazine and holding it in your hands is much more fulfilling than reading a magazine over the internet, so when Katie Grand left Pop in 2008 (relaunched on the net) to make the magazine Love (which is also a fantastic mag) it was a little dissapointing but hay huuuu...

anyway I love the simple yet organic layout Pop has throughout, the styling is quite contemporary, I love the Fashion stories Pop has. I love the styling of these images below, also the way I've taken the photograph (which wasn't intentional) makes the models head look slightly smaller than her body, it makes the image to me look quite interesting.

My favourite commercial magazine has to be Elle. I love the art direction of the magazine, and I think that it's one of the commercial magazines out there (that isn't Vogue!) that offers readers more fashion news and updates. There is a lot of catwalk coverage in the magazine alongside high street buys which kind of suits a more varied audience and for a training stylist it's brilliant!

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