Sunday, 31 January 2010

Portraiture....friend or foe???

I was thinking today about how a stylist actually works and how a photographer actually works and ways that the roles of these two professions can be challenged.


I would think it would be quite difficult for a stylist to show a character through a portrait shot, accessories could be used to show the characters personality, a quirky hat, or a satin bow tie maybe: there makeup and hair could help evoke their persona. For a photographer, their direction for the model would be probably the best way to show the character of the model or the sense of the image that needs to be portrayed.

I love the idea of a simple portrait shot and being able to work out the model: either there real self or a perception you create for the model. Before Andy Warhol created his screen prints he took a portrait shot of his models and from these portrait shots you can immediately begin to sense a character for the model.

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