Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Monochrome Magazine

When I lived in surrey for the two years I was studying at UCA,I sometimes ventured into London, whether for a shopping trip, whether with my uni class for a brief or whether to just go get a yummy cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery (believe me they are so worth it!), and whenever I visited London my eyes where always on the prowl for anything and everything that looked good to me. Fabrics I saw, posters on the subway, flyers/leaflets, any sort of freebies (being a student and all :s) just everything around me, after all London is one of our top, if not the top city we have in Britain for creative talent and inspirational finds.


Yesterday I went to my dads house and whilst I was there, I had some time to have a look through my old sketchbooks, which is always good fun and sometimes cringeworthy. I came across a freebie magazine I grabbed whilst in the most fabulous of bookstores on this planet, R.D Franks, in London called Monochrome Magazine.

I had a quick flick through the mag and Im just infatuated with the art direction. It's not very me but for some reason it just grabbed my attention, I usually like things quite simple, but with a little edge, but the layout of this mag is all over the place, there's hand written text in some places, imagery dotted everywhere with overlapping text and imagery, and not only this but the magazine is half english half japanese. I love the look of the pages with the notepad background: some pages are just of one single image surrounded by its negative. I've looked for a webpage for the magazine but I cant find one and I want to share this with you guys so i've taken a couple of shots to give you a sense of the whole mag :)

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