Monday, 4 January 2010

'Nine', Directed superbly by Rob Marshall

Last night i went to the cinema to see the ever so chic, 'Nine', directed by Rob Marshall. I went with the expectation that I wouldn't really enjoy the film as I'm not that big a fan of musicals (and to be honest I went to check out the fashion and the stunning outfits of the film, thank you film reviews and magazines!) but this one, i loved very much. It is the closest Ive been to a musical in a very long time. Im not talking about the sort of musical that's full of glitter, colour and happy go lucky songs, no no, this 'musical' was full of men in suits with slim black ties, women dressed with attitudes and lots of sexy embelishment!

The character that stood out to me for her natural beauty and effortless chic look was Luisa Contini, the wife of the stylish, gritty smoking and main character Guido Contini, played by Daniel Day-Lewis. Luisa, played by Marion Cotillard reminded me of the 1960 beauty, Anna Karina very much there beauty mainly, but there almost identical simple chic elegance mostly.
Anna Karina
I throughly loved the art direction of the film, the stunning setting, the architecture, the music, the characters, everything!
If you want to feel inspired to: read, blog, or something as simple and chic as drink espresso then go see the film.

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