Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cool Grannies

Every weekend I've gotta buy The Guardian newspaper, not only to relax after a day at work but to see what's happening in the world I also love to look through The Guide and find funny things to look at over the internet however the fashion section, although small, in the Guardian magazine (saturdays) is always satisfying. Over the past couple of months I've noticed a brand that the stylists use for the, I call it the line up fashions, I've seen many a time, called Old Ladies' Rebellion.

The clothes that feature in the magazine I really like, although they're simple, they have a somewhat elegant sense and young look, so I decided to look into the brand that little bit more...

The french designer, Fanny Karst (25) wants to dress the over 70's in glamorous clothing, giving the granny look a very modern edge. The oldest model for the brand is 80 and the youngest 60, so we are really talking about the older lady here, but the clothes are not for the older lady that we know, the one that sits at a busstop with a plastic bag covering her blue rinse, Old Ladies' Rebellion isa brand more for the lady that visits gallaries and drinks strong espresso.

I'd like to think that I could be this lady when I grow older and buy into this parisian, cool brand.

If you haven't seen the fashion section in the Guardian newspaper on a saturday, and you want a little fashion and style inspiration buy one this won't disappoint.

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