Thursday, 28 January 2010

Gosh! How we communicate.....

This semester I have been set an essay to write, I have chosen to look at the question, 'What is the role of clothing in fashion photography?' so at the mo, my eyes and ears are open to everthing around me that can help me answer this question.

With this in mind, when I came across an article about the young designer, Gosha Rubchinsky's new collection for s/s10 and I read that he will not be necessarily showing his collection on the catwalk, rather Gosha will throughly showcase his pieces in a series of events, it sparked a little delight. Firstly, he will show a film, than onto a book of photographs shot by his friends (mainly) then onto the finale, a performance piece instead of the norm catwalk show.

I love the media and always have, I love the way it evolves and changes and begins to make you think about the communicative world around you. The first time I came across a somewhat different way of showcasing a fashion show was Viktor and Rolf's unbelievable RTW spring 09 internet show (if you guys haven't seen it, and Im sure most of you have, you can watch it here). This was really the first time that this was done by a more 'famous' if you like, designer. And I loved it, I love the fact that anybody could get to see the show: that the fashion world was able to reach a much wider audience and the fact that the designers were more creative with showcasing their collection and bringing something new and exciting to the fashion table. Lets be honest here, the internet is massive and is getting bigger as I write so well done V&R!


The performance really helps to show what the clothes can actually do, and for commercial purposes, its nothing less than amazing....his clothes for s/s10 collection are designed with the 'workout' in mind (maybe for the january porky blues :S) and his models literally did this for an hour - workout. Gosha really wanted to highlight "The Clash of Russian Mentality" by showing his work through this creative, three sectoned idea.

Check out some of his work....

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