Sunday, 24 January 2010

Inspirational, Jenny Saville

Fashion is all around and you can find it in one of the most unusual places....

One of my favourite artists of all time has to be the British artist, Jenny Saville, best known for her amazing painting technique and her phenomenal paintings of women.

When I was studying in my foundation year at Wakefield college, I studied this artist a hell of a lot through my year. I just love the way she paints, the colours she users are stunning, although lots of her imagery is quite uncomfortabe to look at, because of the way she portrays these women, and is able to highlight there physique in such a graceful way, makes her inspirational to me.

I like to look at the human form, Im a bit of a people watcher really which links to the post below, its part of my job to look at people and understand there characteristics and persona.

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