Thursday, 21 January 2010

Like I give a frock

Yesterday I was given a very yummy present from Mr postman, a lovely fashion(ish)book.

'Like I give a frock'

When I had my bargain shopping trip last week with a friend (I got a full outfit down to underwear for £30, yes I hear you say I must have bought shitty stuff or headed to Primark to do such a thing but no, no- Urban Outfitters, Zara, H&m blah blah blah..) Anywhoo, whilst I had a lovely gander at lots of gorgeous sweaters, pretty necklaces and fantastic denim pieces on the shop floors, whilst wondering through Urban Outfitters I saw this book (£12.95-I got it from for £8.99!)and Immediately fell in love with the illustrations, the layout, the witty text and plenty of useless, but very funny chatter.

The writer, Michi Girl writes some funny things,

For example......

A camels hump is full of fat and will shrink if the camel doesn't eat.
The same does not apply to the camel toe'

Yes give it, this is a vulgar comment to pick out but you gotta admit it, its quite funny.

The book is divided into 4 sections, spring, summer, autumn and winter, respectivley, and each section Michi gives her thoughts and feelings about that season, weather it be opinions on clothes for yourself, your dog, shoes, body shape. All Michi's insights are made all that more by the very gorgeous fashion illustrations, they kind of remind me of Julie Verhoeven's fashion illustrations...

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