Friday, 22 January 2010

'Love me if you dare'

Last night I watched another amazing film, 'Love me if you dare' directed by Yann Samuell and of course starring Marion Cotillard, told you, obesessed!

O and not forgetting Guillaume Canet.

If you like the film Amelie, you will love this film,the direction is as bizarre and just as creative. The story is about two young french children, a boy and a girl and their unsettled lives together (and sometimes without each other): throughout their lives they play games with each other with the use of a really cute merry-go-round small toy, when one has the toy they need to do the dare. The film is very funny, and sometimes confusing, their little 'game' becomes out of control but it seems they both like the thrill of the game....a daring love story.
And it seems lovely Marion has given a nod to the s/s10 trend innerwear as outwear....well kind of :)

Go and buy it, I dare you!

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Marie Florence B. said...

I love this film! i've seen it so many times!!! :)