Tuesday, 19 January 2010


If you like to look at gorgeous imagery; at photographs taken just because then you gotta buy the book A Year of Mornings and their follow up book, '3191em>:Evenings'. The imagery in these books, although not fashion related, are so simple but really inspirational, whenever I look through the books I want to grab hold of my SLR and get snappy happy, or go and make a good cuppa coffee and poached eggs on toast.

The book started over the internet as a blog; two ladies from two different places in the world met through imagery, how beautiful is that. They live 3191 miles apart hence the name and decided that as their blogs have many admirers to do us all a favour and bring out 2 books based on their blogs and their charming imagery (also cos it's much better looking at a book than at a screen don't you think?).

There blog is offline now, but you can get a hold of the books off many Etailers-play, amazon etc

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