Monday, 18 January 2010

S/S 2010 Favourite show.....

Chloe has to be my favourite spring catwalk for this season, I love the models natural look, and I appreciate the fact that Hannah MacGibbon showed us that flat shoes can look very sexy and refreshing (I aint a heels type girly girl) and the colour palette for the season is stunning, lots of pastel colours with a variety of beige tones and quick shots of dusk blue.

The first look for me really hit it off, although the look was quite masculine, the cut of the trouser suit and the soft fabric gave it that feminine ideal.

The look had a sense of Anna Karinas style which I love, (very simple, chic styling).
I love to recognise the small details that really help evoke the look; the buttoned up shirt,the cinched in belted waist, the tucked in top. It's all these elements that really highlight the brand of Chloe and inspire me to be a stylist.

Oh, and not forgetting the fact that denim was everywhere for a s/s10 trend, yehay!

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