Monday, 25 January 2010

Meeting with group.

After our session today me, Moira, Marie and Adam (my group for the photography project) had a cheeky drink at the pub whilst going through our ideas for the shoot thats needing to be shot over the next two weeks for our hand in (8th feb- we are busy busy busy).

These are my notes I took from our discussion:

-street style
-children fashionable?
-Milk magazine (French)- a shoot in mag, projected images onto children
-playing with a ‘Grown-up’ idea - ‘Big’ the film, think about Suri Cruise -roles of children?
-look at portrait shots- what Polaroid does/means?
-Role reversal

Point of Action-
-casting- street styles- go through Preston look at street style, take photos of people in different occupations (links to the DSM Label s/s10-mechanics)
-call mum ask for jack-to model (11 year old)
-need to book studios
-play with projector- projecting images onto ourselves

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