Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Get Dressed

I came across an article about the artist Greg Lauren's latest work: a new installation opening today at the FIAF gallery which looks at the idea of dressing oneself and according to Lauren,"obsessing over the different aesthetics of a straight versus spread collar, perfecting the shape of a pocket square or the dimple in one’s tie."

The installation involves projecting imagery from the film, (of Alfred Hitchcock's) To Catch a Thief onto sculptured paper, origami-ish suits, and this obviously reminded me of the project we have just handed in with the kids fashion projection shoot. Although it kind of shows the complete opposite, when considering the concept of the shoot, of what we were showing, Lauren shows the faces and the full image of the person onto these suits, maybe to show another side to their character and we projected a persons clothing only, without their actual identity to pass their characteristics onto children, giving the kids another dimension.

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