Monday, 15 February 2010

Simplicity does it....

I am a big fan and loyal reader of Elle magazine, it is one of my favourite, more commercial magazines that I read on a monthly basis, so much so, that last year the lady bought me a 12 month subscription and last issue dropped on my doormat a couple of days ago....I may need to invest in another subscription. (*Hint, hint, nudge, nudge*)#


In this issue (March2010) there is a really stunning and very simple shoot 'The Purist' photographed by Karen Collins and Styled by Sasa Thomann.

The fashion story is one which occupies this season's minimalist trend, showing clean lines, elegant dresses, crushed silk fabrics with a pure colour palette.

The shoot is different in that it is all shot on the same location, named ironically'Amazing space', in the same space, and is shot at the same angle throughout the 12 page fashion story. Now to some this may seem too simple and a little boring but it really helps in highlighting the clothes, and making the clothes become the focus they should be. It would have been nice to see the pages have full bleed, rather than one which has a white border but this again, helps the story really stand out in the issue.

(apology's for the images being portrait, well expect for the 1st and last one for some reason, It won't let me upload them any other way-dangggg!)

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