Saturday, 6 February 2010

Busy busy busy......

Well yesterday was a busy day....

I had to get up at 4:45 to get to uni for 7:30 as I was helping with the 3rd years fashion show, I signed up to it ages ago and completely forgot about it till the beginning of this week :s.

I was quite excited for the day really but still a little nervous as I haven't ever been a dresser before and I know to some it can seem quite easy and simple, but a fashion show is fast so I needed to be prepared. I left the house at 5:30, flask of hot coffee in hand, fashion mags to pass some (if i get any) spare time, and my bag of pins, scissors, tit-tape and sewing kit.

The day started off with myself and 5 other classmates becoming the models for a good hour and a half (we helped out with the choreography for the show) so basically we walked, but still, models for a bit :p this was fun, alongside helping moving around 100 table and chairs, helping with some of the decorations and steaming the clothes we began to prepare ourselves for the show. So I checked out my garments I was working with- the pieces were interesting; the first being a grey waistcoat, with lots of zips (only one functional) and what only could be described as tin foil padded shoulders, the second a LBD with a velvet, studded collar and lastly, my enemy! Now when we were sent an email with our models names and where we needed to be etc...alongside my models name and one other from the class, there was a red highlighted sentence saying 'Warning this garment is difficult to put on- must practice' and they were really not kiding! It took 5 stylists including myself to try and work out how the garment was worn....and still by showtime we had kind of worked out a style but still, im sorry to the designer because I don't think we dressed Laura (my model) in the way that the garment should be worn. But I managed.

The whole day was a great experience, I kinda loved the rush of the show, the backstage happenings, the chats, the amusingness about how short we all were against these towering, beautiful models. I managed to do a little networking too and took some numbers for future projects and for our years show next year.

I got back home about 7:30 so it was a real long day, but I enjoyed myself and best of all I didn't mess up!

(when the show and the images of the day are put on the net I will upload some from the day and the vid of the show) x

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