Monday, 22 February 2010

Jaegar London fall 10. Live.

My Notes from the show;

-Coats-structured differently- baggy, some had huge gaps, low collars, one buttoned
-Buckles everywhere- shoes, jackets, collars
-autumn colours- oranges, grey, black,khaki,
-Big!! Pockets, coats
-gorgeous hats- very english eccentric hunting hat style
-zips!!- functional and not
-checkered fabric
-cinched waists
-fabrics- velvet, cable knit, tweed
-low buttons/collars on blazers
-Models look- very natural, flowing hair, make up natural skin tone/nudes
-Feel-english, late 60's, 1970's bohemian style

Favourite garments;
-soft dusty brown/purple mix skirt suit
-the colour of a gorgeous dress- midnight blue

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