Monday, 1 March 2010

(500) Days of Summer

The other day me and the lady watched, '500 Days of Summer' which aired on the big screen in september 09 (I know, how late am I?!?) anywhoo, I really enjoyed it.

My interest in the movie (initially) came in a package, the size and shape much similar to Katy Perry, they could literally be twins (and if you guys have bought Look magazine, this weeks, you will see that even journalists and stylists in the know have even made this mistake) that is Zooey Deschanel. She has a cool quirkyness about her and of course she is a beautiful actress.

I love the direction of the film mostly. It's so nice to see the way Marc Webb, the director, shows us the difference in time with the cute little countdown clock, which adds to the comedy of this rom com, flitering between the present and the future, showing a stereotypical view of the first few months of dating and then 300+ days into the relationship - its comical to see how the characters change. My favourite scene has to be the one where Tom (played by Joseph Gordon- Levitt) and Summer (played by Zooey Deschanel) go to the cinema to watch a film, then they are on the cinema screen, shown in black and white with Tom in the background and Summer in the foreground, arranged as if they are in ABBA's Knowing me Knowing You music video, the dialogue is sometimes random but funny.

The storyline does hint at the cliche love story, but as the narrator states at the beginning, 'This is not a love story' which in some ways it isn't, specially not your cliche girl meets boy, girl falls in love boy doesn't as in this film, it is the exact mirror opposite and we get to see the heel on the other foot (well, the shoe) with Tom's outlook.

A film that made me laugh, made me question and made me wonder. Lovely.

A quickie on the fashion- loved it, Zooey seeming pretty, pretty pretty and Tom, nerdy, handsome and preppy.

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