Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lucinda Chambers: Stylist

When considering the styling of the shoot, we were thinking of using materials/ garments and changing their purposes, I.e. using a pair of trousers as a hat or gloves as a pair of socks. Marie came across an image from the new Rankin Solo show named 'Eat Me Naked' where the stylist had used a piece of chiffon material in hot red, and this immediately reminded her of the idea of fire. I looked at her blog and saw said image and it just looks stunning. The lighting in the image isn't really what we want for our shoot, its a little too clear and white but the idea of using clothing to change its purpose and role, I like.

The stylist, Lucinda Chambers is a stylist I have come across many times, she is fashion director at Vogue magazine and is seen to be one of the most established stylists in the industry. Chambers started out working for the fashion industry in 1980 and still works in the industry today. Chambers seems to always customise pieces for a shoot, as this is part of a stylists job, but she does this really creatively and successfully (given that she is a textile fanatic will help this:) ). I will again look through my inspirational file to scan some images of Chambers and her work. I read an article on Chambers for The Observer newspaper and it stated

'It's important to Chambers that she is given room to play. She admits to not being a very good businesswoman. She is far more interested in creative freedom'.

When you look at some of the shoots she styles and her choice of garments and how she uses them you are able to understand this further. Chambers is an inspiring stylist: whoever she is working for and whatever she is working on (whether it be editorial, consultancy, commercial, advertising) her personality radiates through.

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