Thursday, 18 March 2010

Glen Luchford: photographer

A photographer referred to in our meeting was Glen Luchford, for his reference to cinematic styles.

Luchford is a British fashion photographer and film director (which obviously hints through in his photography). He has had many collaborations with a variety of fashion houses, shooting their advertising; Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and Levi for example, also Luchford has collaborated with artist Jenny Saville (who's work I adore) many times and has produced many editorial pieces for magazines ranging from i.D to a plethora of Vogues throughout the the world.

During the 1990’s, there seemed to be a major shift in the world of fashion photography and this new-found sense of realism and spontaneity distilled into fashion photographs. Luchford was a part of this movement, his earliest photographs prefigure the gritty, found-light aesthetic that defined the first half of the 90s. His film noir appreciation and creative use of narrative confounded expectations for fashion photography at the time.

I love Luchford's aesthetic in concerning the lighting he uses in his shots and his consideration of cropping in his shots I like, it almost makes the images look more personal and 'snapshot-esque'.

During my reseach for images of Luchford's I came across a site, and on the site it referenced Glen Luchford's photographs and in a set of photographs I came across a fashion shoot named, 'Doll Parts' shot for V magazine, and I think it is a very fitting theme for our project and is great to look at when considering styling ideas.

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