Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mind Description

As a starting point for this project I have simply written down the first few words that come into my mind when thinking about the humble matchbox and match.

Some initial ideas;

-we could do a shoot based on the idea of what is left behind. i.e if there were a fire, what is left behind- decay and derelict atmosphere- could base our location on this and contrast completley with s/s 10 feminine nude pieces

-when looking at the trends for fall 2010 and also s/s10 there was a lot of reference to sportswear- 'Game, set match' could be our idea title??? where the shoot is based around sportswear

-when I saw the matchbox it immediatley made me think of the cowboy- lighting his cigarette, quite macho masculine

-inside the matchbox contained 2 matchsticks we could play with the idea of 'The best things come in two's'
-we noticed that the matchbox brand was a british brand-we could base the styling and come up with a concept for british-ness?

-as we picked the smallest object, we could literallly base our shoot on the idea of smallness??? we could set the shoot as the size of the matchbox??
-we could research into different types of matchboxs/matchbooks-brands

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