Friday, 12 March 2010

Following Consumers.

We had our group meeting yesterday to discuss everyones initial ideas and decide on a path to go down for the new project.

Our idea at the minute came from simply the word, 'Match'. Moira had an idea to base a shoot around the idea of consumerism and mass reproduction, which from a stylist view and my personal view I really like, as I like to question the ideas behind brands and peoples behaviour. The definition for the word match includes the idea of 'similarity' and the connotations of a 'unit' of specifics. So with this in mind, and the idea of consumerism, specially at the minute, we have agreed on focusing the shoot on a 'uniform of people', in this case a model, alongside mannequins.

The meeting itself went really well: we work well together and it shows. We each had initial ideas for a shoot, but drew everyones ideas together, as they seem to work well.

This is my list of notes from the meeting;

-match- definition? in terms of fashion- an army of women
-warriors, army, militant (regarding style-the fall collections referenced heavily the military)
-look at fashion shows/designers that have meaning about the portrayal of women (hussein chalayan)
-Jeff Walls picture, Insomnia, colouring of image-photography format
-consumerism and mass reproduction
-using materials to change its purpose -resemble fire-chiffon, hot colours (lucinda chambers)
-army, on the street (early morning-light)
-smoke/mist over images
-cinematic style shots
-research any connections with smoking and the military(rationing of cigarrettes)
-playing with proportions -do one shoot the size of a barbie- use barbie as a model (ideas of mass reproduction/consumerism/similar/the same) and another shoot life size
-when sequencing and editing- have a strong visable narrative (put images in certain order)
-in shoot -model- odd one out, mannequins (they are very similar as they are mass produced, more so than a person) as the consumer society- wanting to look the same
-film stills
-mannequins lit up???
-research barbie- her portrayal/meaning/connotations

People to research-

-Helmut Newton- naked women, lined up
-Hussein Chalayan-how he portrays ideas of consumerism
-Lucinda Chambers (vogue stylist) who uses clothes in a shoot to change its use i.e trousers as a head piece

-Glen Luchford-cinematic style
-Miles Aldrige constructive set ups
-Cindy Sherman (portrayal of women)
-Finley Mckay

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