Wednesday, 3 March 2010

For girls who like to shop....

I came across some stunning photographs in an article in Another Magazine, based around the story of documenting shopkeepers' clothing. As the article points out, these are the people that work with clothes in their job, all day, so seeing what they wore was quite interesting. Their clothing shows us a glimpse of their character and it also highlights why they have been chosen by their employer to work at the specific store.

The shoot didn't have a specific title, but what it did have I thought was much better, it was a small written piece of what the photographs were about: '...portrait projects documenting the unsung heroes of the fashion industry'. The images are of London's shop assistants and the stores they work at range from Dover Street Market to Issey Miyake to a Brick lane Thrift store.

Photographed By Gareth McConnell
Styled by Joanna Schlenzka (which is quite interesting in itself, you would have thought the girls styling themselves would have been enough for this specific, personal portaiture shoot).

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