Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Simply Similar

During our lecture today we needed to present our work done so far for our 'Matchbox' photo shoot.

It was great really to explain to the class our ideas, because if we were heading in the wrong direction, or indeed, if our idea is successful the class (full of creatives) can give our group some pointers as to where to look and what to research.

This is exactly what happened, we had positive feedback about the idea from our peers and most importantly Adam. We were given some ideas to research and one was to look into the fashion show, by Viktor and Rolf, where the designers based the look of the models on the actress Tilda Swinton's physical look.

I checked out the catwalk show and read some reviews for the show. This unified look between the models and the actress I think changes the way the viewer views the show, it changes the whole concept of the show, rather than the show just being a show, showing beautiful clothing and genius craftsmanship, but using the idea of similarities if not, exact copies of Tilda Swinton on every model adds a eerie sense really to the show. Maybe the designers wanted to really highlight the clothing because when you have seen one model, in this case, you have literally seen them all so your eyes may be more focused on the actual clothing when considering the other outfits? V&R stated that they 'wanted to do all our signatures, with the menswear and the couture influences, for an ageless modern woman.' this being their reasoning behind using Tilda Swinton as they did for the show.

We could maybe use the idea of the similarity between people in our photo shoot, not just through the styling of the clothing but the physical similarities between the model and the mannequin, this may be a challenge for us: to make both mannequin and model look so similar but with a good eye, we could pull it off I reckon. In this case, the look was very successful.

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