Friday, 19 March 2010

Hats at the ready!!

My design background isn't amazing, I made a simple pillow case in my G.C.S.E Design and Technology, textiles and recently I added a black collar to a white shirt, obviously not your next Vivienne Westwood, but I needed to do a little customising to some pieces I bought for the still life styling photo-shoot, to make them reference more the looks on the catwalks.

Firstly I needed to tackle the hat seen at Dolce and Gabanna, I had in my mind using a shower cap (as it seemed to have some structure with the small elastic that ran around the seam of the cap) and adding to the cap some navy blue material and kinda using the cap as a base- I literally used pins, some bull dogs clips and at times some elbow grease, to create a ruched/flower like effect for the hat. At first I really didn't know where to start, and I haven't really got the patience of a saint, but after around an hour of playing around I think I kinda cracked it, it obviously doesn't look exactly like Dolce and Gabbana, those guys have been designing for years and like I said I have only really made a pillow case, so I think I have moved on a little with my design/sewing/pinning expertise.

Here is my creation, (and a few work in progress images) what do you guys think????

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