Saturday, 6 March 2010


I've been thinking about my still life styling brief and for one of my trends, in regards to the moodboards, I'm going to look at the ladylike trend seen at (Fall/10) Prada,Paul Costelleo, Margaret Howell, bSTORE to name a few: I also saw a snippet of a film in a lecture the other day, the film being 'Far From Heaven' a 1950's themed film produced in 2002, starring Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid. My inspiration coming mainly from the styling of Moore's character in which she portrays a very stylish, domestic housewife.

Primarily, my style isn't overtly feminine, in terms of the way I dress and when I style a fashion editorial, so this specific trend is one which I didn't think I would hook onto but the Prada show really pushed my liking of the trend, (and don't forget, we also saw the trend come through in s/s10 collections with the pretty fabrics and nude colour palette) but with the Prada show it kind of refined my thoughts of the trend.

Maybe it was the 1960's sexy Bridget Bardot hair that persuaded my liking, or maybe the book I'm reading at the minute, 'The Godess Experience, Goddess Guide II' that brought me closer to the trend, or the cakes and muffins I've been baking I am feminine.

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