Sunday, 14 March 2010

Finley Mackay: Photographer

The photographer, Finley Mackay produces imagery for editorial, commercial and sport alongside personal work. Adam mentioned we should look at his pieces to see his cinematic constructive scenes and imagery.

When looking on the site, Santucci&Co: looking through Mackay's portfolio his work is quite varied but he seems to have a somewhat chaotic feeling running through his images. The concepts of the images can sometimes be uncomfortable to look at, for instance his image taken from the personal section of the web-page, from the 'Shinijyuu' shoot, is rich in colour and in terms of format is a very busy, energetic image but the actual content of the image, personally for me, is unpleasant to look at.

In the editorial section however, we are able to see images, that really highlight the cinematic theme that Adam mentioned in our meeting. Specifically the lovely imagery from the 'Coen Brothers' shoot, for the New York Times, also the 'Kid Rock' images taken for 'Entertainment Weekly' remind me of film stills. This is something that as a group we want to consider in our final images, we all like the idea of bringing a cinematic feel into the imagery, highlighted with the styling too.

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