Monday, 8 March 2010

Cover up in motion.

Sent to my email today in Fashion Flash from, I found something very interesting.

It was the video of V&R Fall/2010 show where basically the model, Kristen McMenamy, became a mannequin. She stood on a moving catwalk stage whilst the brilliant V&R styled her by taking the clothes, specifically the outerwear, from the older model and giving them to the younger models, kind of like 'a right of passage' as Beth Ditto pointed out.

The shows so far for this season have been heavily focused on the 'cover up' clothing, and rightly so for Fall 2010, what with the history of our weather in the UK we gotta be ready for a cold winter, but with this show, V&R's trademark of modern creativity really shone through and has stood out to me the most. Not only for its creative performance, but for its stunning clothing and the power dressing theme they had for this collection. The structure of the clothing too was quite phenomenal.

As V&R stated,

'Our work is about transformation: transforming something into something more beautiful'

... this was the focus for their Fall 2010 collection.

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