Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nine collective girls.

A simple but gorgeous shoot I came across a couple of days back, was one of the first I have encountered where the meaning of the images and the ideas for the styling have literally been written down on the magazine page: the narrative explained and the photographers ideas spoke of. The shoot was shot by Charles Freger and styled by Karen Langley.

'The starting point for this story was to find nine similar-looking girls, and dress them to create a collective.'

The short written piece also features Freger's trademarks for his portrait shots, these often focussing on 'the sartorial ties within military, student and sporting groups'. In the images you are really able to understand the choices for the whole image, the styling ideas from Langley and the location choice. Elements from both the photographer and the stylist compliment each other, making each image work well as a whole composition, particulary the colour palette in every image.

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