Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Prim n Proper Prada

I saw the other day some charming images in my email, sent to me from Hintmag.com of backstage shots of fashion week from Milan.

The first image got my attention, the model looks so cheerful and it's simply great to see the model with this expression rather than the usual, straight faced, emotionless look. I'm begining to like the idea that the fashion show is the stuff that happens backstage more than what happens front of house, the fashion house to be exact. Thus I clicked on the image, which then lead me onto the show, which then cycled me through to look at the whole Prada collection (the image taken from the Prada backstage show sent to me in my email) and im so glad I did, I mean I know as a stylist I should be looking at the shows daily, which I honestly do, and have been doing what with the live streamed shows too, but we have been set new breifs for uni so im busy too...

Anywhoo..the collection.

I especially loved the styling and the look of the show. Mad men sprung to mind, with the lady-like look of the models and the look heavily referenced Bardot with the 1960's beehives and the delightful glasses on show.

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