Monday, 15 March 2010

Miles Aldridge: Photographer

Moira mentioned in our meeting a couple of days ago the photographer, Miles Aldridge. Aldridge's website is stunning, although his subject matter for his images have hints of darkness.

The immediate imagery in the editorial section on Aldridge's web-page, the images taken for Numero in 2009, named 'May Fair Lady', is a great reference for my group to look at in my opinion, the lighting and the colouring of the images highlights a more sinister look and feel to the imagery. The poses of the models are almost doll-like in a way, their look is quite rigid and artificial. The actual location's in the imagery look carefully constructed.

The shoot for Vogue Italia, named 'Columbia Road', shot in 2009, seems to challenge the idea of a woman. The images have a certain irony to them.

Aldridge's 'Kiss of Death' shoot, shot for Vogue Nippon in 2008, really reminded me of the film 'The Cell', starring Jennifer Lopez and Vincent D'Onofrio. The movie is about a young boy, who we see as an adult, and he has a very psychotic mind: he kills women, and he plays out his fantasies of making them look like a doll, he bleaches their skin and their hair to evoke this doll-like innocence. This may be a film that could help my group and our project, although I'm not too sure that we want our message to be this sinister.

Aldridge shoots editorial, portraits, beauty, menswear, accessories, still life and advertising. The theme of the ideas surrounding the female seems to be questioned in most of his shoots. His colourful images and constructed shots are quite beautiful to look at and understand.

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