Friday, 19 March 2010

Sourced Objects. Still life styling.

So over the last couple of days, I have been rummaging in 20p boxes full of everything from purses to plates, to small plastic boys toys, all in aid for my shoot which is next Tuesday at 3-4pm arghhhh! I have so much to do before the shoot day. I'm planning on setting up a small studio at home with a back drop and playing around with my sourced objects to see what works with what, so then when I get to class this Tuesday I could show our photographer Dave (it also really helps myself) images of the actual set up shots.

Before I left to find all my objects for the shoot, I wrote a list of actual pieces I saw on the Fall 2010 catwalk's- the colour palettes of the accessories, the shapes of the accessories when I hit the charity shops I wouldn't just go straight to the bag section and spend money and time on myself when I had work to do :S

Today I am going to be heavily customising some pieces I picked up. I read recently '50 Years of Fashion' a book/reference magazine on the 50's style that I am trying to capture (but not forgetting to modernise) for my shoot. In the 50's there were some key accessories that women wore all the time, for wherever they went, even if it was just to the beach, the 1950's lady wouldn't have been seen without these, they include: a hat (pillbox with tulle, feathers, ruched flowers-type of hat and decoration show the personality of the lady); gloves; shoes; clasp handbags and clip on earrings. With these in mind I went searching, I love to look at old things it's nice to feel a little nostalgic at times isn't it, and to know that your putting someone's unwanted things to use, giving them a little life is great.

The pieces that I am going to customise are; the gloves, on the fall 2010 catwalks there were a lot of gloves on many of the shows, yet the gloves I could get a hold of really aren't like the catwalk ones so I am going to customise the gloves by opening the wrist section and making the top part of the glove more looser (as seen on the catwalk); the brown and cream court shoes I have, I'm going to try and attach some lace around the opening of the shoe, as seen at Dolce and Gabbana; whilst on my travels I bought a shower cap to customise and make into a hat so I bought some fabric and I will simply ruche the fabric so it resembles the flower hats as seen at Dolce and Gabbana. I found an almost identical silk scarf from Age Concern and I bought it for £1.85 and it just looks so similar to the print on the Marni catwalk, the colour and the shape of the print-unbelievable.

Hopefully the shoot will look creative and modern and the products will look stylish, I just need to remember that the shoot is an accessories shoot, not a homage to the 1950's.

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