Friday, 18 June 2010

New faces, new places

I go away this weekend for two weeks for a yummy rest, but when I get back I want to do more projects for university, maybe change my work experience for a bit.

Before we finished for our summer holidays, we did a group photoshoot based on the film, 'American Gigolo' (which, some time this week I will upload the photos of) and whilst being a team leader, I began to realise how much work really goes into a photoshoot, and how much networking one can do just through one photoshoot. So with this in mind, for some work experience over summer I began to look at Model agencies to see if I could work alongside the casting for models, or even just be in the environment and just see how things work when casting models. I think when I get back from my jollies I will contact some agencies in Leeds to get some more work experience.....

Oh also, in my email the other day, I saw part of an article showcasing new faces in the model/fashion world and I came across this stunning model, Marthe Flatmo.

She is naturally beautiful. I love her long hair, her innocent face and her striking eyes.

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