Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Premiere's with the girls....

Well, now that SATC2 mania has relaxed a little, I just want to share my favourite Premiere outfits the ladies chose.

New York



My favourite has gotta be the Tokyo choice of dress. The ladies look gorgeous, there dresses are stunning and each looks vintage-esque which I just love, the garments seem to have more character. I think at the Tokyo premiere also, the girls look more like their on screen characters. Miranda choosing the ever so elegant and formal LBD: Charlotte looking like a gorgeous 1950's lady: Samantha wearing a sexy shimmering dress and Carrie, wearing a stunning Carrie-esque dress with added Carrie styling choices i.e eccentric jewellry, vintage tan belt finished off with towering heels.

I'm excited for the DVD to come out to see all those yummy bonus features, maybe an interview with Patricia????

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