Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Washed Ashore Inspiration

When I get back from my beach filled break, I am doing a photoshoot with a group of people based on the idea of 'Washed Ashore'. The photographer contacted myself and Marie (my stylist friend) with positive feedback on our last photoshoot that myself and Marie styled together: the photoshoot where we made natural headgear from twigs, leather straps and patience.

So, with the idea of washed ashore, I have been thinking about the shoot and looking at fashion imagery to give me inspiration and ideas for the styling of the shoot. The photographer has asked if I could make custom made pieces for the shoot, pieces very much like the accessories we made for the last organic shoot: which is very exciting to have a project and something to work towards in the summer.

I came across this photoshoot from Dazed Digital which is perfect inspiration for our photoshoot. The brief is basically, as mentioned, based on the washed ashored theme, the look needs to be quite natural, we are having two male models and the styling ideas spoke of at the mo, are naturally made or found accessories for guys: so when I came across these images I became very excited and the ideas started forming.

The headpieces in this shoot I just love. I'm excited to start drawing up some ideas with the photographer and I think my holiday will really help with inspiring me for the shoot, my suitcase coming back to the UK may well be filled with drift wood and gorgeous shells.

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