Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Anyone else heard that apparently Madonna has the 'ultimate face' according to New York magazine. Well with the rumours flying around at the min with her marriage break down, maybe this is the reason she looks like this...

Do all these women realise that when they see Madge in a mag article that she is mostly photoshopped?!! Don't get me wrong i understand why this is done, and this is just part of the business, but the readers just seem mesmorized by all these lovely looking women. When i leave uni i really wanna work for a magazine company (hopefully aunti eve will give me a job!) and this is the sort of thing i am gonna come across a lot. A couple of weeks earlier also Alesha Dixon, the lovely Mis-Teeq lady, went to a variety of magazine companies asking about their policy on photoshopping models and with reading the New York mag article you can see how easily photoshopping a model is done. Ladies please don't be fazed by the smell of plastic!

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