Saturday, 9 August 2008

Is it better to be just one?

Some stylists think its a good idea to have two-in-one garments so you dont have to worry about what blouse should go with that skirt for instance but i disagree, i dont no about you but im not one for these two-in-ones, and especially with the a/w shows, for the new season its all about mixing and matching your pieces. Also when i see a two-in-one on the shelves in stores it just really puts me off, i mean maybe one morning you wake up and you don't wanna wear that jersey grey t with that figure hugging skirt! Maybe im just looking at the wrong pieces though because in this weeks Grazia mag there's an article on this very piece of clothing and the shots they show of some celebs, including Kelly Osbourne and Mischa Barton, their two-in-ones are amazing, well they do have the money for them...

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