Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Hooch autumn Collection, glamorous?

The brand Hooch is very well hiden, or is it that bad a brand that you just don't hear of it? So when i saw an article in this weeks Look magazine stating that Hooch has a new 'grown-up glam autumn collection coming out i decided to look for the store on the net, and it really didn't come up with that much. When i was younger i bought my first piece of Hooch clothing from the clotheshow live, it was an ochre hoody! When researcing the webpages selling Hooch clothing, i was a little confused as to the statement in the mag because when i was looking through the cothing most of the items are very street wear and the garments looked like young fashion pieces, maybe this is their way of saying 'hello we are still here!'. This almost image overhaul i think will bring in new customers, maybe this is what the brand needs because if i didn't pick up this weeks Look magazine (as millions of other ladies do!) then we wouldnt have even thought of the brand as being glamorous, or we may not have even thought about Hooch. I gotta say though the images in Look mag showing the new collection looks fab, the clothes are well on trend with the checks and the pretty prints. Also well done Hooch for getting your hands on it model of the mo Portia Freeman!

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