Saturday, 2 August 2008

Have I got my Manliner?

Has anyone heard of the new makeup at Superdrug for the guys! I heard it on the radio today and had to check it out for myself on the site. Yes, its real, they are selling Taxi London Manliner in black, for £6.50 and Taxi London Manscara for £6.50! When thinking about it the idea at first was a little weird but the Metrosexual guys have been around for a long time, genius idea really. Although couldn't your fella just use your mascara and vica versa, the manscara is cheaper too. I wondered if i could use a womans mascara on a guy, to see if it had any affect so i used my brother as a bunny and tested it on him. (post some photos in a bit)

I wonder wether guys will have a choice of manscara that will curl their lashes or wether they will bring out boy blusher. It makes me smile, because of the name i reckon guys will feel more comfortable using it but really they're just using mascara, the manufacturer has just toughened the appeal to guys with the name. What would be odd though, would be for a guy to come up to you in a club whilst your waiting for the loo (in the too long queue!) and asks 'can i just borrow your eye liner', or a guy leaves for a night on the town and does the check of 'right, wallet, check, phone, check, eye liner, check'. Weird i reckon, what you think?

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