Wednesday, 27 August 2008

"Deer Friend"... any more collections?

I saw another Topshop range in this weeks Look magazine, named (so apt) Deer Friend, and i think its gonna be very popular! I kinda got a mad hatter feeling about the range; the pieces look really playful, there's plenty of colour and lots of graphic prints. I specifically like the blouse shown in Look- it has a repeated graphic print all over, the colours are quite neutral, the print is a small black deer with an added shot of bubblegum pink and violet. The blouse has a huge black bow just below the scooped collar. At £32 too! Bargain! I'm not usually one for colour but i see a little change in style for me! I'm unable to find photos of the collection on the net so buy Look and you will see it in there, page 5.

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