Monday, 22 September 2008

London baby??

London is like marmite- questionable.

I’m as far from an original London girl! i moved down here last September to go to uni to study fashion for 4 years, well 1 yr studying fashion foundation and then 3 yrs studying fashion promotion and imaging and being me i get homesick a lot! So i do go home quite a bit on the trusty old megabus-this is my time to think, seriously. I have so much time on the bus to schedule my week, look at my timetable for the following week, catch up on the weeks news (as i did at the weekend with the huge Sunday times newspaper and the independent for this weeks round up of London fashion week!-blog later, promise..) and coming through London is always interesting. Even though i have lived 30 mins outside of london for a year i still feel like that virginal tourist that’s constantly checking out all the window displays, the very geometric concrete buildings, Selfridges ever changing windows, (which i always hope no London red bus will pull up to the side of my megabus, blocking my view!) the bustle of baker street near the huge blocked Primark store. I’m trying to get to love London because due to the sheer size it annoys me and sometimes terrifies me! Im hear for another 3 yrs, i have to learn! Not only does the size aggravate me; there is a lot of pompous people about too, however weighing interesting people to the pompous, i think 2:1 to the former.

I feel as though every megabus trip helps in some way to enhance my feeling for the city. I love people watching and ldn has a hell of a lot of people to watch, including lots of up and coming students, (the futures work force!) elder women and gentlemen just leaving small, quaint galleries, backpacks and beige sandals included, W.A.G. wannabes, London ‘in it’ girls, cockney geezers, fashion trend setters and followers: i could go on but i will be here for ever and my coffee’s getting cold. Not only are the people interesting, the city itself has lots to offer-lots of exhibitions, The House of Viktor and Rolf at the barbican centre i saw last weekend which was amazing; recently, London fashion week, that is a must for every year (and still will be even though the fashion week has been shook a little this week with the bigger cities trying to kick us out of the fashion circle, have these people ever met the fashionistas of ldn?!) the business guys and gals doing their thing, in monochromatic attire, all the valuable newsagents! Etc.....

well looking at what i have just wrote maybe ldn is a good city to live in, or near to. Maybe i should try and read the Evening Standard every day to really get to know the city, or will this just scare me and make me wanna run away, who knows?!

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