Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Distill magazine.

I came across this magazine around 2 weeks ago and i should have blogged about it sooner but with packing, moving journal etc..i had no time (altough i did have time to read it!) Anyway, ye, 2 weeks ago was the launch of Distill magazine. When i first picked it up off the shelf my immediate thought was that from the front cover, which shows you 10 differnt covers of mags around the world, i thought the mag would be an international mag for people already in the fashion industry and maybe the mag would be full of numbers and facts, blah blah when i opened it i was really pleasantly surprised.

If your a fashion student then this is serously like a bible for you (it saves you tones of money too!). The concept of the mag is basically pulled from mags all around the world. The editors and amazing guest writers help in deciding what is picked to put in the magazine. They choose different things from magazines, such as photo shoots, illustrations, styling ideas: their choice is based on what inspires themselves in the hope that it will inspire you. And it really does!

The magazine is divided into sections so its easily readable.
I especially loved the material girl shoot Distill picked from a magazine.
As im in the libary now and i don't have the mag with me- i will blog later about my thoughts on the mag but for now you can read this review of the mag from the independent website and also just buy it you wont be dissapointed.

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