Tuesday, 16 September 2008

London fashion week? couple of days? weekend?..

Yesterday i bought myself a couple of papers to catch up on London fashion week (which i need to do this morning) as i am no longer on this universe as i dont have the internet still! And i read that this maybe the last official London Fashion Week. Apparently New York and Milan want to put their dates further back meaning we only get maybe 4 days at a push next year!
So, i have the week off to try and blag my way into fashion week (before it will no longer be called London fashion Week) and i'm unsure as to how to do this. I have a friend that last year made some fake business cards and in a very hair stylist way asked to be let through as her model was about to be on the catwalk..and she got through, if its this easy surely i will be able to do it! There isnt just this worry nithier-what will i wear?! Should i wear clothes that are on trend now, should i wear something that i just like for liking sake or should i look at the last couple of days to check out Londons spring/summer 09 trends. Anyway whatever i wear i have to be there so, i have scheduled wednesday in my diary to be the day i go for it. I've decided too that if i don't get in (which is highly likely) i am gonna try and take some photos of cool street style.

I will keep you posted, wish me luck..

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