Monday, 22 September 2008

Luxx simple silhouette

As mentioned at the weekend i read lots and lots of newspapers, making sure i didn't miss anything from london fashion week and The Times on saturday had a great fashion supplement, Luxx magazine which shot images of all the new silhouettes for the season.
The main fashion story Back to the future i loved. The shoot was styled by Clare Lazaro and shot by Luis Montiero, the way the photographer and stylist worked together really shone through, the images are beautiful: the lighting really enhances the silhouettes and almost makes the model plus her outfit look like negative structures. For those of you that didn't see the shoot...

The clothes used ranged from Burberry to Shaun Leane at selfridges, my favourite shot included a 'cage belt over a streamlined godet skirt' and a lace shift, peplum included, from Prada. The styling was very simple but very beautiful, the lighting was a stunning mix of mauve, berry pink and green. One thing that i don't really notice (which is really bad of me!) when looking at a shoot are the actual models themselves and how they pose- the silhouettes they created were stunning.

The Shooting Party, another fashion shoot, styled by Amanda Bellan and shot by Jonathan Glynn Smith gave a whole new meaning to eccentric layering!

I also read an article discussing places of exclusivity, by this i mean those places that you never hear anything of and yet they seem to be very successful. It's this marketing deal with 'playing hard to get' which i just love-yeh, why is it things we can't have we try so very hard, no matter what we have to do to get it? And how insane is it that places like Bistrotheque, a small building tucked away in east end ldn a bar/restaurant/club keeps on going?! In some respects though i do agree with the co-owner David Waddington that,
"If you go for the big splash opening, you'll get lots of people that really like it, but also lots that don't"- yes, with this i can understand David not wanting a bad word of mouth, but without any mouths being their to talk, hows the word gonna get spread?! By inviting customers you know will like your product/place etc you will get some good clients but without even giving other people the chance to check it out themsleves, you may loose another market.

And very quickly there was this great little article showing a variety of creative people discussing how they decide what clothes to wear, and Lulu Guiness' statement of not owning a pair of jeans! Shocking! Well...definatly for a student.

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