Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Exciting Type

For a last, small brief at university, each of us from class have been given two letters to stylishly create for promotional pieces for our course and the university. The two letters come from the words 'Fashion Promotion with Styling, Class of 2011': my letters I picked were lower case 'n' and the number '1' which will be used twice.

Today I have been experimenting with my letter 'n' as I know exactly what I will be doing with my number '1'.

I have done some research to influence my thinking for this mini brief, and as it's the last brief I will do for university i really wanted to create something thats traditionally me, to show what I'm about as a creative person, yet influenced with fashion. If you follow my blog you may notice I absolutely love collage, this is a real medium I wanted to try when thinking about this project, and I figured as my letter 'n' is that little more interesting of a shape, I wanted to use this for my collage idea. When answering this brief I want to construct, work onto/into and to collage: all my three loves when creating visual imagery.

Here's some pieces from today....which do you prefer?

(scanned in image of denim shirt, overlaid with text/font)

(The stencil of the 'n' I cut out myself, all the background images are pages from my past sketchbooks and earlier photo-shoots I have done throughout the course)

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