Saturday, 16 July 2011

Designer: Phoebe Philo

"I like the idea of women not showing too much, of being quite reserved"

I read a fab article today in the 'i' saturday paper about the reserved yet highly talented Phoebe Philo, designer for Celine, the french and very chic fashion label.

Since I noticed Celine back in 2008, when Ms Philo took over the direction and design of the brand, I have loved every collection, specifically Philo's first collection for the Celine fashion brand. As the article states, that collection was so right for the time and it was 'very well judged' as we were in the midst of a recession (back in October 09) and Philo herself 'was immediately hailed as being at the forefront of "the new minimalism"'. This is a key reason as to why the Celine brand, and Philo herself is ranked in my top 5 of my favoured designers: Philo discusses in the article that the fashion house chooses the best fabrics and the most creative and crafted cut, so that every piece is perfect for every collection, this again is another reason why I love Philo: her work ethos is contemporary and so right for the time.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from Philo's archive of collections for the Celine fashion label.


Celine S/S11

Celine Fall10

Celine S/S10

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