Monday, 14 July 2008

Project Runway

Well done to Christian Siriano for coming first in the fantastic fashion competition Project Runway (<----blogspot for project runway). Making his win even better is his modesty with it! I must admit i didn't watch all the show as i was between houses because of uni but when i saw the show i could see his potential and his fashion edge. I really love his collections and in relation to the couture shows in recent weeks his collections would not have been out of place alongside other great and brilliant minded creative designers. His collections includes tight turtle neck tops, made from silk jersey material. His flower skirts almost look like that of Armand Basi spring 2008 ready-to-wear collections with their playful structures and his wool Pirate jacket shows his fashion knowledge that he enviously gained from the amazing Vivienne Westwood, when he did his internship at her 'greatnesses' fashion house.
One specific piece i love of Siriano's was this dress, when i saw it I immediatly fell in love; the colours are stunning, the fabric looks so luxuriuos and the waist belt is very on trend! Well done Christian, i'm jealous!

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