Friday, 11 July 2008


I read an article in yes, yet again Look magazine (well i have to support my aunties hard work!) about the trend that may explode- Manbags?! Now when I saw the images of the toned footballer Frank Lampard and the rnb mega star Pharrell Williams carrying pink and purple bags alongside there 'Real Man magazine' and 'Esquire' magazines my mind began questioning on one side I thought, these pictures are probably shots that have been taken out of there context (as are probably 99% of pap images, but you gotta make a living) and on the other I thought, well we are in the 21st century there are mad happenings everywhere so maybe yeh, this just might catch on and when I typed 'manbags' into a search engine a load of sites came up-it looks like guys are already bagging the trend! (tragic joke ash) One good thing though, you could borrow your fellas bag.

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