Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Catty Angelina?!

Anyone else heard that Angelina Jolie is tipped to be the next Catwoman! This would be amazing! How great would she be. The origional sixties actress that played Catwoman, Julie Newmar, rightly agrees! She would obviously lose some of her baby weight although i think she looks stunning whatever, but it would be a little crazy to try and squeeze her in that latex suit! I have always been an Angie fan! I love the roles she plays in her movies: shes always the one with strength and seduction. When i saw the article about the new (hopefully) Catwoman i read through the article and saw the link onto other photos of Angie, she looks stunning wether dressed up or down. I just love her. Shes so inspiring, shes beautiful and she is well opinionated, well thats what i think anyway i haven't had the great chance of sitting with her and having a cuppa but this is the impression i get anyway, anyone get another?!

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