Thursday, 31 July 2008

Dark Daisy.

I have so many books that i am half way through and really wanna finish before i go back to uni so i can start a fresh and keep up with the mounds of fashion magazines i buy a month while at uni! But i just love books and i cannot get enough of them! One book imparticular that was bought for me by my lovely hunny, 'All that Glitters' which is kind of an autobiography written by Pearl Lowe, the mother of Daisy Lowe, is a really good read and i promise i'm nearly done reading! (uni starts 8th september!)

Pearl Lowes life seems like it's been all over the place, she has experienced some dark times in her life but these times i think, really paint the character of a person and in some ways help that person later in their life. She's had quite a stylish life what with being married to the drummer from Super Grass (obviously with this comes attending plush parties and fun music gigs!) so her fashion sense has been quite eclectic through her life time and this sense of style i feel is likened to that of her very stylish daughther Daisy.

Daisy is a very trendy, young woman of the minute! Her fashion sense i quite like, shes quite quirky at times. I am so used to picking up a fashion weekly and seeing her in pretty dresses and flat shoes so when i saw her in a new shoot dressed in her favourite looks for autumn/winter beauty, i was stunned by her 'stunningness'. I especially love the studded top in the last shot and the bright red lips against the porcelain skin in the first. This trend is gonna be big this autumn/winter- lots of black and goth infleunces.

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