Saturday, 12 July 2008

'V' for very nice...

Well, through my email i followed a link onto a fashion page and it took me to the wonderful homepage of 'V' magazine- i really love the photography in this magazine and when i have enough cash i buy it, i love it's format and the styling in some of the shoots are stunning, if your a dedicated fashion reader, i would reccommend that you have a good flick through the pages of V. If you need some inspiration with your studies or you just generally need some motivation and a bit of umpfff in your step then check out the mag. Anyhoo i checked out the site, even that is inspirational! and i came across Vdigital. Now i am certainly one for at least trying to save resources (i do try and turn the tap off when brushing my teeth to save that little bit of water-well i am doing a little something!) but when i read a magazine it isn't just what's on those pages that interests me and grabs me for a good 2 hours, it's the pages themselves, the smell, the shiny surface, i'm sure im not alone here, so with Vdigital im feeling a little bitter sweet, and this specific issue is stunning-it's very fashion orientated, which it isnt always, the 'Guess for V' shoot is stunning. The different fabric and seductive garments look gorgeous.

The creepy dolls made by the artist, Kristin Victoria Brannan are amazing also, but i hope with her interior design background they dont become a static ornament in a stylish living room! My favourite section of this issue has to be the 'Wildflowers' shoot with Kate Moss and the amzing photographer Nick Knight. These are the pages that made me call a hell of a lot of stores in leeds to see if they had this issue (although i think that the issue is just digital-grr!) In fact all the fashion shoots in this issue are gorgeous, have a look yourselves! x

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